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Checklist for Purchasing SSL Domain Certificates

SSL Domain certificates are usually:

  • Encryption-only certificates.
  • Normally used for when you just want encryption and don’t care about assuring users of your identity.
You will require the following to place an order for a SSL Domain Validated Certificate

  1. Registered Domain name 
  2. Control Over Domain
  3. Generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request)

Refer to the attached article for further detail

Creation date: 10/24/2019 11:26 AM (shital@trustfactory.net)      Updated: 10/25/2019 11:19 AM (shital@trustfactory.net)
SSL Domain Certificates.pdf
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Interested in ordering a TrustFactory certificate? First, go through the respective checklist and make sure you have everything required to ensure the smooth processing of your order.